Brow Shaping - hd brows trial

You’d be forgiven for thinking that hd brows had already launched in the UK what with all the hype and reported celebrity following, apparently it’s officially launched this week. So I thought I’d go along to a trained technician and see what all the fuss is about. After all as experienced therapists don’t we already carry out the ‘7 steps to the perfect brow’?

So I booked my appointment a week in advance to give my daily tweezed brows a chance to grow a bit and have time to be sent the patch test to make sure I wasn’t allergic to any of the products. I hadn’t tinted my brows for over a month so they were very pale and not at all defined.

my before brows
I spent a complete hour lying on the couch whilst my therapist tinted, waxed, threaded, tweezed trimmed and penciled my brows into shape. Once she felt happy with the result some mineral make up was applied to cover up the redness and take down the reaction.

I was surprised not to be consulted on the colour, or shape I preferred but apparently the concept of hd brows is to shape all brows to the companies perceived ideal and fashionable brow look. I wonder what will happen to all the trained technicians when the fashion changes but they’ve all been trained to work to the current set style.

I was pleased with my brows when they were finished, although they were more of a black brown than I would have done myself especially as my hair is a light red blonde. Normally I would have gone for a red brown rather than a black brown.

the following morning
My after picture is the following morning, so the redness has gone down but so also has the pencilling in and gelling into place, so I could really study them and see if they are superior to what we already offer in the salon without the fancy name and hyped up marketing.

On close inspection, there are several stray hairs left under my brows, some I know have been left deliberately for me to grow into their ideal shape but others are way too far down to be part of the new brow.

Truly, I don’t think the hour spent and designer price tag has achieved anything more than you would get from a decent therapist in half the time and a fraction of the cost. I do however love the shape!

Food for thought, I personally trained full time for 3 years to become the therapist I am today so it’s rather disturbing that without any beauty back ground you can do a quick short course to train in eye treatments and set up just like that.

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  1. Hi Amanda, I am also a trained therapist and have been on the HD course. Firstly your consultation was not good, Yuo are told to always ask your client about colour, shape etc. The basic shape of HB's are the same, but do differ because no two clients like the same thickness of brow.
    I note from your first picture that your brows were not fully grown (untouched brows are best). I always ask my clients who have not had HD before to grow them. So the difference on yours if not to the full effect.