Luscious Lips!

Lips are an important part of our appearance, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and shades.  Some people will love their lips some will hate them, but the fact is they are a prominent part of our face. Personally I like my lips, I think I have a good cupids bow and overall the shape and size are good. I'd just like to enhance the colour so they have a slightly deeper more rosy and healthy pink.

My lips natural colour without any products

I rarely wear lipstick but I do love a bit of lip balm, and I've tried many!  There's always one or more to be found rattling round the bottom of my bag and it would definitly be my 'stranded on a dessert island' must have.

This week I tried the Jane Iredale Just Kissed lip & cheek stain in forever pink, and I am in love! A product that not only feels good on the lips but reacts with my skins acidity level to give me a stunning pink that compliments my natural colouring.

As the name suggests the just kissed lip & cheek stain is a multi-use product perfect for pouty lips or rose tinted cheeks.  It contains rose flower wax and beeswax to nourish and moisturise; olive butter, avocado butter and wild rose wax to soothe and soften the lips.

The natural stain that adjusts to your own chemistry is non-drying and long lasting, in fact when I peeked in the mirror several hours after applying it I still had a pink tint even though I could no longer feel it on my lips.

My lips immediately after applying Just Kissed in Forever Pink

This lip gloss has had rave reviews and is recommended as the ideal product to take to the beach, personally I'll be keeping one in the bottom of my bag from now on.

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